Henry Isham Family File CD

Henry Isham emigrated from his native England to Virginia ca 1656, settling in Charles City County, later removing to Bermuda Hundred in Henrico County. He married a widow of Joseph Royall, said in the Isham pedigree to have been a Banks from Canterbury, County Kent, England. Although the records of Henrico County previous to 1677 have been destroyed, and no record of his Will is available, records do show that he died about 1675, leaving issue.

The Henry Isham family report file includes 15,020 individuals with 2413 different surnames and 125,503 text records.  The earliest known birth occurred in ca 1610 and the file covers 15 generations.

Of the 2413 surnames included, other than Isham those appearing ten or more times: Adams, Alexander, Allen, Ambler, Anderson, Archer, Armistead, Atkinson, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Ballard, Bankhead, Barnes, Barton, Batte, Battle, Baylor, Beale, Bell, Berkeley, Berry, Berryman, Beverley, Blackburn, Blackford, Blain, Blakemore, Bland, Block, Bolling, Botts, Boyd, Bradley, Bratton, Braxton, Brent, Brooke, Brown, Bruce, Bryan, Brydon, Burke, Burnley, Burwell, Butler, Byrd, Callendar, Campbell, Carmichael, Carter, Cary, Charrington, Choate, Christian, Claiborne, Clark, Cocke, Coleman, Collier, Colston, Conlee, Cooke, Cooley, Coolidge, Cooper, Corbin, Corse, Cox, Crawford, Crocker, Cross, Custis, Cutts, Dade, Daniel, Darnell, Davis, Davison, Dickins, Douglas, Dudley, DuVal, Eddy, Edwards, Eppes, Evans, Fairfax, Fauntleroy, Field, Fishback, Fisher, Fitzhugh, Fleming, Fox, French, Garnett, Gillespie, Gilmer, Goodwin, Gordon, Graham, Graves, Gray, Green, Greenough, Gribble, Griffin, Grinnan, Grymes, Guthrie, Hairston, Hall, Hamilton, Hardiman, Harriman, Harris, Harrison, Harvie, Haskins, Hawkins, Hawks, Hay, Heath, Henderson, Henry, Higginson, Hill, Hite, Hobson, Hoge, Holt, Hotchkiss, Howard, Hubard, Hughes, Hunter, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Jackson, Jefferson, Jett, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kean, Keim, Keith, Keller, Kennedy, Kennon, Kepler, King, Lathrop, Layton, Lee, Leidy, Lewis, Loughborough, Lowther, Lyle, Mackay-Smith, Macon, MacRae, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Maury, Mayo, McAfee, McCandlish, McGuire, McHenry, McKim, Meade, Megginson, Meikleham, Meriwether, Michaux, Miller, Millholland, Mills, Minetree, Minor, Mitchell, Moncure, Montgomery, Moore, Moorhead, Morris, Morrison, Mosby, Moss, Mount, Munford, Nelson, Newbold, Newton, Nicholas, Noble, Norton, Page, Parker, Patrick, Payne, Pendleton, Pescud, Peterson, Peyton, Platt, Pleasants, Poindexter, Porter, Powell, Poythress, Preston, Price, Putney, Railey, Randolph, Reed, Reid, Reynolds, Richards, Richardson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rotch, Ruffin, Russell, Saunders, Scott, Selden, Shackelford, Shafer, Sheild, Shepherd, Sherman, Shields, Sinclair, Sleeper, Sloan, Smith, Sneed, Spencer, Stevens, Stewart, Stith, Stone, Storey, Stribling, Stuart, Tabb, Talcott, Taliaferro, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tisdale, Trigg, Trist, Truscott, Tucker, Turner, Tyler, Valentine, Vaughan, Walke, Walker, Waller, Ward, Watkins, Webb, Weisiger, Whitaker, White, Whitfield, Whittle, Wight, Willcox, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Woods, Woodson, Woodward, Wormeley, Wright, Yates, and Young.

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