Marianna Walker

MARIANNA4 WALKER (WILLIAM WIRT3, JOHN HARRISON2, JOHN MUMFORD1) was born 22 Aug 1859 in Ft Deposit, Lowndes County, Alabama1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and died 31 Oct 1930 in Bagdad, Santa Rosa County, Florida8,9. She married WILLIAM HENRY THOMPSON, SR Abt. 1884 in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama10, son of THOMPSON and OLIVE. Continue reading

Robert Alexander Neblett

ROBERT ALEXANDER7 NEBLETT (JOHN TEEL6, STERLING MCCANN5, JOHN JOSEPH4, FRANCIS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 17 Jun 1835 in Montgomery County, Tennessee1,2,3,4, and died May 1880 in Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi5,6. He married EUDORA ADELAIDE BARBEE7 14 Feb 1863 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi8,9, daughter of HORACE BARBEE and ANN OGBURN. Continue reading

Sallie Elizabeth Wells

SALLIE ELIZABETH6 WELLS (CHARLES LEWIS5, J ROBERT4, BAKER3, DAVID2, WILLIAM1) was born 12 Jun 1880 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia1,2,3, and died 10 Oct 1916 in Union Level, Mecklenburg County, Virginia3. She married JOHN PETER THOMPSON 24 Dec 1902 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia4, son of R THOMPSON and M. He was born 16 Oct 1874 in Hollydale, Lunenburg County, Virginia5,6,7,8,9, and died 04 Jul 1957 in Union Level, Mecklenburg County, Virginia10. Continue reading

The Children and Grandchildren of Murray Forbes Taylor

I received a question about the children and grandchildren of Murray Forbes Taylor.  What I was able to find was that Murray Forbes Taylor and his wife, Butler Brayne Thornton had five children, two of whom died in childhood, James Innes Taylor and Sue Innes Taylor.  James was born on July 29, 1876 in Alabama, and died at “Stockdale Ranch” in Bakersfield, California on November 29, 1879.  I could find no birth or death dates for Sue Innes Taylor, simply the information commemorating her existence as the “Beloved Daughter of Murray F. & Butler B. Taylor” in the Union Cemetery in Bakersfield. Continue reading

Cardinal, the Virginia Bird

This morning my sister, Linda Clark, photographed this lovely female Cardinal sitting on a Camellia branch in her yard.  The little beauty1600316_10201360852799170_482572286_n  was taking her turn at dining, while her beau flew here and there, not wanting his picture taken.  Maybe tomorrow he will feel more like posing?